Spreading Christlikeness worldwide.

The Christlike Disciplemakers' Movement was started in 1985 as the Mobile Evangelistic Unit by JFK & Georgina Mensah. We believe that the Great Commission can be fulfilled within one generation if we win the lost, mobilize the Body of Christ and bring in the harvest. We plan to achieve this through structured instructing, training and raising teams of Christlike disciplemakers who are equipped to go into their world and, according to their God-given ministry lines, bring in a harvest of souls into the Kingdom. Our doctrinal beliefs square with that of the Lausanne Movement.

The Mission

With 2 Timothy 2:2 as our watchword, we believe that disciples are made by Christlike disciples, and are not just born. CDM members commit themselves to growing in Christlikeness and producing at least one Christlike disciple-maker yearly. You can read about our vision here.

The History
After years of ministry as station pastor of the Gospel Revivals Ministry, Rev. J.F.K. Mensah and his wife, Georgina Mensah sensed they were being called to a ministry of training Christians in down-to-earth practical topics and grooming them in evangelistic tools to fulfil the Great Commission. 
Starting with a core group of seven young men and women, the Mobile Evangelistic Unit lasted for seven years within which the meetings grew to a membership of 107 in 1991. Topics like Repentance and New Birth, Water Baptism, Holy Spirit Baptism, Deliverance from Curses and Demons, Marriage, Soulwinning, Rural Church Planting, etc. were taught as transferable concepts.
The principle of fruitfulness from Jn. 15 was that each year, before a member qualified to attend a meeting, he had to win, groom or teach one other person whom he would bring along. A vow was taken to finish the work of the Great Commission within forty years using this strategy.
The Resurrection
Due to a  number of circumstances, the M.E.U. went into dormancy for fifteen years after 1991. In 2006, September, however, a fasting session with some of the foundation members revealed that it was necessary to find out the Lord's will concerning the 40-year vow they had taken to fill the world with disciples.
By the end of that meeting, members were convinced that they had to revive the 40-year-dream and this led to the commencement of the Christlike Disciplemakers' Movement, which was to be a non-denominational ministry that would never become a church so as to freely serve all churches.
CDM was officially registered with the Government of Ghana on 3rd Nov. 2008 with Reg. No. G-26, 120.
What We Do
CDM is dedicated to intentional and structured Christlike disciple-making as the strategy for finishing the task of World Evangelism. Our various activities are therefore designed to achieve this aim. We are currently operating in Africa, Europe, and North America, as we believe God for expansion into every continent. We are committed to reaching unreached people groups, first in Ghana, and then all over the world.

Doctrinal Beliefs

What are the doctrinal beliefs of CDM? We concur with those of the Lausanne Movement. Take a read.

7 Core Values

There are seven core elements that comprise the vision of CDM. These are grounded in Scripture and passed on to every member.


CDM engages in several activities in order to achieve our vision. Read more about what we do and how you can be a part of it.


CDM Retreat Center
Ayi-Mensah, Accra
Digital Address: GM-236-3188.


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